The First Light Radio Broadcast (30-minute version) can be heard on KARP Hit 106.9 FM (with its studio in Hutchinson, Minnesota) each Sunday morning from 7:30-8:00 AM. Hosted by Dr. Tom C. Rakow, this program includes interviews with such individuals as: Daryl Christensen, professional angler; Sandra P. Aldrich, author; Joe Dallas, former homosexual minister and now founder of Genesis Counseling; Russell Thornberry, V.P. and Editor of Buckmasters; Dave Christiano, and Christian film producer; Del Cameron; as well as many fascinating local guests. Listeners also hear great music by contemporary artists like Twila Paris, the Newsboys, Rebecca St. James, and Crystal Lewis.

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Interview with Chief of Police Bob Carlson
Interview with Chief Bob Carlson

Interview with Gerry Caillouet of God's Great Outdoors
Gerry Caillouet of God's Great Outdoors

Interview with Travis Vaad
Travis Vaad - Musician - Fly Album

Dr. Tom Rakow interviews Joseph C. Phillips (of the Cosby Show). Regarding his book titled "He Talk Like A White Boy" Joseph C. Phillips

Dr. Tom Rakow interviews Dr. Stephen Vantassel
click link to listen. Dr. Stephen Vantassel

Dr. Tom Rakow interviews Dennis Dunn
click link to listen. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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See an article about Patricia heaton (of Everybody Loves Raymond) written by First Light guest, Dan Ewald (January 2002). You can also learn about a great video, Hollywood Lights, where Dan has interviewed various Christians who share their faith as it relates to showbiz.

Patricia Heaton Article:

Great American Outdoor Trails Radio Magazine:
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